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Concrete Barriers

Explore our extensive range of concrete barriers, designed to meet the diverse needs of traffic management, perimeter security, and erosion control. Each barrier is engineered for durability and strength, ideal for both temporary and permanent installations across various environments. Whether safeguarding construction sites or regulating traffic flow, our concrete barriers offer reliable protection and can be customized to suit specific project requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

Tex10 Stacked

Texas 10 Barriers

Discover the Texas 10 Barriers, a lightweight yet robust alternative to traditional concrete barriers. Specially designed for easy transportation and installation, the Texas 10 provides the same protective functionality with reduced logistical costs.  Ideal for projects requiring frequent repositioning or long-distance hauls, these barriers allow more units per truckload, significantly decreasing carbon footprint and operational expenses.  Perfect for construction, crowd control, and area demarcation where agility without compromising safety is crucial.

Other Lifting Devices

Our range of lifting devices is crafted to enhance the efficiency and safety of installing and relocating heavy materials such as concrete barriers and large pipes.  These devices, including hoists and advanced rigging solutions, are essential for operations that require precision and reliability. Designed with the latest safety standards, they help minimize labor while maximizing productivity, ensuring your projects proceed smoothly and safely, regardless of the complexity or scale.

Barrier Clamps

The famous KENCO blue barrier clamps spotted at every highway construction site, made by Kenco, are essential for securely handling and positioning concrete barriers quickly and efficiently.  Kenco clamps are compatible with a wide range of barrier sizes and types, ensuring a tight grip and safe transport. Designed for ease of use and durability, Kenco barrier clamps reduce manual labor and enhance operational efficiency on construction sites, road works, and in emergency situations where time and safety are paramount.

Bin Blocks

Bin blocks are versatile and durable solutions for creating storage areas, enhancing security along perimeters, or temporary walls. Each block features a built-in lifting loop, facilitating easy placement and repositioning. Available in various sizes, these blocks are perfect for quick configurations in urban or construction environments where modularity and time-efficiency are key. Utilize our bin blocks for organizing materials, controlling access, or creating barriers against erosion and vehicular impact.  Bin blocks are also an ideal base to attach Clearspan fabric buildings,  allowing for a nearly instant building to be erected.

Piperack Side2

Pipe Racks

Our pipe racks are designed to keep valuable pipe inventories securely off the ground, protecting them from physical damage and environmental elements. With features that accommodate various pipe sizes and materials, these racks are an essential component for any operation that requires organized, accessible, and safe pipe storage. Ideal for construction sites, warehouses, and industrial applications, our pipe racks ensure your pipe assets are maintained in top condition, ready for use whenever needed.