Used Concrete Barriers

Texas-10 Barriers

Introducing an exciting new barrier:

  1. Texas-10 concrete barriers are designed to be lighter than the typical Jersey barrier while still retaining the same measurements and functionality. Each Texas-10 is 10 feet long, 32 inches tall, 24 inches wide, but only weighs 3,400 lbs.
  2. Texas-10 concrete barriers are more economical to be hauled over long distances. A truck that can carry 48,000 lbs of payload can haul up to 14 Texas-10 barriers; that’s 140 linear feet per truckload! For the same freight cost you can haul 25% more barriers!
  3. Texas-10 concrete barriers are designed so that any width forklift can easily fit into the forklift holes without getting stuck. Additionally, the Texas-10 barriers have tall forklift holes which allows the Texas-10 to be easily moved around without damaging the underlying surface