Pipe Racks

  1. Introducing another exciting concrete product:

    Texas Pipe Racks are designed to hold your pipe inventory off of the ground, while protecting the pipe coating from scratches and abrasion. We achieve this by providing a 4″x4″ keyway on top of the Texas Pipe Rack which will accept either a standard milled 4×4 or a rough cut hardwood 4×4. Each Texas Pipe Rack is 10 feet long, 15 inches tall, 23 inches wide, but only weighs 2,800 lbs. We use a minimum 4,000 PSI concrete mix with plenty of steel rebar to ensure strength and longevity.
  2. Texas Pipe Racks are more economcal to be hauled over long distances. A truck that can carry 48,000 lbs of payload can haul up to 17 Texas Pipe Racks; that’s 170 linear feet per truckload! For the same freight cost you can haul 42% more linear feet of Texas Pipe Racks than concrete barriers!
  3. Like our famous Texas-10 concrete barriers, the Texas Pipe Racks are designed so that any width forklift can easily fit into the forklift holes without getting stuck. Additionally, the Texas Pipe Racks have tall forklift holes which allows them to be easily moved around without damaging the underlying surface.