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Concrete barriers are normally transported on flat bed trailers. Since concrete barriers are especially heavy, the typical steel flat bed trailer can only legally handle 10 Jersey barriers, or 9 “F” style barriers (on occasion, 12 Jersey barriers can be shipped on an aluminum trailer).

Whether one or 10 barriers are delivered, the trucking cost is the same. Thus, try to purchase barriers in lots of 10 Jersey barriers or 9 “F” style barriers to minimize your trucking expense. If you think you need eight Jersey barriers and you order eight, and it turns out you need two more, your shipping cost for the additional two barriers will often be as much as the cost of the two additional barriers!

Although each barrier weighs approximately 4,000 pounds, some customers prefer that we drill into the asphalt or concrete and pound rebar into the ground to hold the barriers in place. Most barriers come already engineered to accept up to #8 rebar in six different places on the barrier. Additionally, we can provide either new or used connector pins. Let us know if you need us to handle installation.