Bin Blocks

Bin Blocks: Versatile and Durable Solutions for Material Management

Bin blocks are robust, modular concrete units typically measuring 24 inches in height, 24 inches in width, and available in lengths up to 72 inches. These substantial blocks generally weigh around 3,600 lbs each, making them stable and durable for various uses. While the standard length is 72 inches, we offer a range of sizes that vary by region to suit different project requirements. Each block features a built-in lifting loop on the top, facilitating easy handling and maneuverability using a forklift equipped with a chain, or a large skidsteer.

Enhanced Design Features

Each bin block is meticulously designed with a keyway on the top and one end, with a corresponding reverse keyway on the opposite end and the bottom. This design allows the blocks to interlock seamlessly, similar to puzzle pieces, which is critical for constructing stable and secure structures. The interlocking system not only adds structural integrity but also simplifies the stacking process, enabling the construction of multi-layer configurations for more complex projects.

Creative and Practical Uses

In addition to their functional uses in construction and material management, bin blocks are increasingly used for innovative applications such as constructing walls for indoor arenas or attaching clear span structures to the top. They serve as reliable ballast for large commercial tents and can be strategically placed to block roads during special events, ensuring safety and smooth operation.

Broad Applications of Bin Blocks
Bin blocks are exceptionally versatile and can be used in a multitude of settings beyond traditional concrete road barriers. They are particularly effective for creating storage bins for segregating and managing various bulk materials such as landscaping stone, salt, mulch, coal, CA-6, and rip-rap. The ability to stack them several layers high makes them ideal for constructing retaining walls that hold back dirt or gravel, especially in areas prone to erosion.

These blocks are also used in creating more permanent structures such as in-ground silos, salt domes, and foundations for large commercial tents. Their structural stability makes them suitable for specialized configurations like corner pieces that allow for 90-degree connections, enhancing the overall stability and functionality of the constructed forms.
Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

When stacked in a running bond pattern, bin blocks provide an aesthetically pleasing and finished look, especially at the ends of walls. Half blocks are available to achieve a clean and professional finish. Unlike simpler road barriers, bin blocks can be arranged to fit tightly in corners, increasing the structural integrity and aesthetic coherence of the installation.

Moreover, walls or barriers built from bin blocks can be effectively waterproofed with the appropriate materials placed between the joints, making them suitable for applications requiring resistance to moisture and water infiltration.


Bin blocks offer a high degree of versatility and functionality for various industrial, commercial, and recreational applications. Their durable construction, ability to be stacked securely, and ease of integration into larger structures make them invaluable assets in both temporary setups and permanent installations.

Whether you’re managing bulk materials, mitigating erosion effects, or securing and area from vehicular traffic, bin blocks provide a reliable and efficient solution tailored to meet diverse project demands.