Grading Used Concrete Barriers

Most of our inventory is used. Before you decide whether you want to purchase new or used concrete barriers for your project, it is important to familiarize yourself with the descriptions that are used to grade used concrete barriers.

A Grade: No crack through’s, some missing chunks but few missing chunks larger than a baseball, generally minimal paint and mostly gray in color, more smooth than weathered texture. Probably in use for 6 months to 2 years.

B Grade: No crack through’s, but some cracks, some missing chunks, but no missing chunks larger than a soccer ball, less than 50% painted, probably peeling, more weathered than smooth texture. Probably in use for 2-5 years.

C Grade: No crack through’s, but cracks going 75% through, missing chunks are common and range up to a basketball, lots of peeling paint, weathered texture. Probably in use for 2-10 years.

Utility Grade: Crack through’s, large missing chunks, weathered texture, some do not stand on their own, lots of rebar showing through, years in use unknown.

In general, when you place an order for used concrete barriers, expect to see a mix of mostly A’s, B’s and the occasional C’s. We do not ship any Utility grade barriers unless specifically requested. The prices for Utility grade barriers are negotiable and usually sold at a steep discount. If your project calls for all of one grade, such as A’s, call us and we can hand select the grade of barriers that you need.