Lift culvert box shapes by equipping your Kenco Pipe Hook with wings that easily allow you to lift, move or place box culverts. These wings are placed onto both sides of the Pipe Hook, which gives it a wide span for lifting flat shapes.

Pipe Hooks are available with wings in the Mechanical models or the Self-Leveling versions.

Custom builds for over-sized culvert boxes can also be designed. Contact Kenco for a quote.

Kenco below the hook lifting products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the latest revisions of the ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards and are accepted by OSHA, CanOSHs, as well as virtually all other world wide standards.

Every lifting device is hand tested by our engineering staff before it leaves our facility.

This square concrete culvert box lifter is designed specifically for the job at hand. They are attached via a keyway system to each side of the hook’s main body. The mechanics of the lift process remain the same as for lifting RCP. The operator approaches the culvert from the side to insert the hook. The wings then help to stabilize and balance the culvert assuring that no tilting or twisting occurs during the lift process. Each lift happens in a single smooth motion with the set and release step occurring just as quickly. Using a box lifting device is a safe and efficient way to increase your productivity while saving you from purchasing multiple lifts for each job individually.