Used Concrete Barriers

Barrier Clamps

We primarily handle used 10 foot Jersey style barriers which weigh approximately 4,000 lbs each. Jersey style barriers are 10 feet long, 32 inches tall and 24 inches wide at the base. We also handle the “F” style concrete traffic barriers. These barriers are 12.5 feet long, 32 inches tall, and 24 inches wide. They weigh in at 5,400 pounds. Except for being longer and heavier, the “F” style barrier looks very similar to the Jersey barrier. Bear in mind that a typical skidsteer will not be able to handle either of these barriers. You will need a heavy duty forklift, telehandler, pay loader, crane, or excavator to move these barriers around and set them in place. Also, these are used barriers- not new. If you want or need new barriers let us know and we’ll work up a quote. But used barriers are going to look just like that- USED.