New Structural Bin Blocks
Bin blocks are typically 24" tall by 24" wide and up to 72" long.  The 72" blocks usually weigh around 3,600 lbs and are crudely cast from leftover concrete that was returned back to the yard as overage from a job site.  This concrete has been watered down before it leaves it's original jobsite to keep it from setting up in the concrete truck's barrel, then it is "juiced" up at the concrete yard prior to dumping it into an empty or partially filled bin block form.   If that load fills the form, then it is roughly finished by a concrete truck driver using a 2x4- not a recipe for quality!   Although the typical bin block can be useful especially for a tight budget, frequently the quality is so low that the typical bin block's longevity is suspect, oftentimes difficult (or impossible) to use in a wall due to their irregularities, and ugly all day long.

To solve these problems, we designed a precast structural bin block that is vibrated and has chamfered edges. (pics)  All of the blocks are the same size and are easy to stack and are very aesthetically pleasing. Each block is 18" tall by 24" wide and up to 72" long.  The 72" long blocks weigh 2,667 lbs, which means that we can legally haul 18 pieces to a load versus the typical bin block which is 12 pieces to a load; that is 50% more which significantly reduces your transportation costs on larger projects!  Typical applications are similar to a regular bin block, such as holding back soil for erosion control, or a seawall, or a hillside, but these blocks are a thing of beauty and structurally sound.  You will never have delamination problems (pic) with these since they are poured from start to finish.  Just like a regular bin block, there is a built in lifting loop centered on top for convenience, but unlike a typical bin block, each one can be used in-line or as a corner block.
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