Our Products
We  primarily handle used 10 foot Jersey style barriers which weigh approximately 4,000 lbs each.   Jersey style barriers are 10 feet long, 32 inches tall and 24 inches wide at the base.
with a chain can easily lift and move bin blocks around a yard or project using the lifting loop.  A large skidsteer can also be used to move our bin blocks.
Bin blocks are typically 24" tall, 24" wide, and up to 72" long. A forklift
Stackable for Multiple Uses
your pipe 17" off of the ground, have ample fork lift holes, 24" wide and 10' long.  Best of all we can haul 17 pieces on a truck load!
Protect Your Pipe Coating
Used Bin Blocks
(Barrier Lifts, Barrier Grab, Barrier Tongs)
Concrete Barriers come in various lengths and weights.  Thus, we carry several different sizes of
barrier clamps designed specifically for lifting and setting different styles and weights of concrete barriers.
Barrier Clamps
Texas Pipe Racks
Used Concrete Barriers
New Bin Blocks
New Barrier Clamps

New Concrete Barriers
We make concrete pipe racks that have a 4" keyway on top ready to accept any 4x4 in  order to keep your pipe from getting scratched or abraded.  They keep
We  produce new Texas-10 concrete barriers which are lighter than other 10' barriers and can be hauled further for less!!   We also make other lengths such as 2', 4', 6', and 8' long.

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Structural Bin Blocks
These are precast structural bin blocks that are vibrated and have chamfered edges.  Each block is 18" tall by 24" wide, 72" long, and weigh 2,667 lbs, which

means that we can legally haul 18 pieces to a load versus the typical bin block which is 12 pieces to a load; that is 50% more which significantly reduces your transportation costs on larger projects!  These blocks are a thing of beauty and structurally sound!