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We sell and rent used
We can arrange for transportation as well as ensure that the proper equipment is available to offload the barriers when they arrive at your location. If you need us to install the barriers in place, we can do that as well. Whatever your needs, we are positioned to help.
The Facts:
Concrete barriers are used for more than just traffic barricades; they are also very useful to protect utilities from being damaged by heavy equipment or tractor trailers. Concrete barriers are also well suited to protect propane or other above ground fuel tanks from being struck by vehicles. And, concrete barriers are perfect for deterring unwanted traffic from entering driveways or access points to your facility.
Concrete barriers are also a cost effective way to segregate bulk materials from each other. Whether you need to keep different grades of coal, salt, or different types of landscape materials separate, concrete barriers are the way to go.
Additionally, concrete barriers are ideally suited to build berms or walls that need to stand up to the test of time. Due to the dense heavy construction of concrete barriers, barriers can be used to build berms that do not wash away and can be driven upon immediately when properly constructed.  Finally, concrete barriers are effective at inhibiting erosion for areas that suffer from extreme washouts.
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